Saturday, 30 April 2016

Some Review Articles among the Useful Links

I added a link to a review article on statistical physics of social dynamics. That article has a bunch of cool stuff, and you should look at some of the other links as well.

Update on Classes

I have gotten the ok to do classes in an informal way. The first class won't be during the originally scheduled Tuesday at 10 am, because that conflicts with the schedule of some people. I'll send an e-mail to figure out what time we should meet, and realistically I think we should wait until I give you more problems before we meet to discuss things.

In another revision, homework should be submitted directly by e-mail to the TA (Roxana Feier).

I will wait until after the second 2-hour lecture before I write up another problem sheet.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Homework Sheet 1 Posted

I have posted homework sheet 1.

Lecture Notes for Parts 0 and 1 Uploaded

On the MI's page of course materials, I have uploaded lecture notes (one file) for Part 0 (introduction to complex systems) and Part 1 (fractals, iterated function systems, chaos, and related concepts). This file is a modified version of a file prepared by Stephen Haben last year. I made a decent number of updates in Part 0, but only a very tiny number of updates in Part 1.